If you’re planning on making an event that’s going to be truly memorable, then you need a promotional product that’s been tried and tested by time… or at least looks like it. And for that, we have just the perfect product for you. Introducing our range of promotional Vintage Caps. This promotional headwear is designed to look like your long-time ultra-reliable favourite cap that simply refuses to retire from active duty.

The worn-in feel is always very comfortable. And that’s what the personalised Vintage Cap is all about.

Complete with the distressed or washed look, the customised Vintage Cap emulates years of active use with all its torn parts and tatters. The texture is also washed to mimic the faded charms of an old fabric. And when you put it on, it just feels so natural as if you’ve been wearing them for a very long time. This is a new cap that feels so familiar, and is ready to make lasting memories.

Add your own touch to the branded Vintage Caps by giving it your custom design. Have your logo on the cap and let your brand be associated with something that’s timeless. Take them with you on your next promotional event. They’ll make a statement that will spread much awareness about your business.

Custom Vintage Cap Style Galore

Check out some cool examples of our promotional caps. The branded Vintage Mesh Cap is a version with a mesh back which is designed to give an extra cooling effect, while the customised Vintage Frayed Polo Cap is aimed to give the classic and casual look.

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