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Ripstop Military Cap

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Featuring a range of colours, the Ripstop Military Cap offers something different.

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Now here is a custom promotional cap that is definitely not ordinary – the Ripstop Military Cap. It will surely command attention in any advertising campaign it will be showcased in.

To go with its revolutionary style, this personalised cap is made of ripstop fabric. Ripstop fabrics are durable because a reinforcing fibre is interwoven at intervals to strengthen the main weave and prevent or slow down rips – hence the name ripstop. Because of their toughness and rip-resistant quality, these fabrics are often used in sports apparels, outdoor clothing and camping equipment. If you look closely at the Ripstop Military Cap, you will notice diamond or box patterns formed by the woven reinforcing fibre. These diamond or box patterns are indicative signs of ripstop fabrics.

The Ripstop Military Cap is available in four fantastic colour choices giving you heaps of flexibility. The most common colour to match the custom cap’s military style is khaki, but other colour choices include white, black and charcoal. Khaki is usually described as a light shade of brown. The word was derived from Persian and Urdu terms which mean dust. The first use of khaki in the military is believed to be in 1846 when British soldiers in India led by Lieutenant General Harry Lumsden dyed their clothing to blend with the barren terrains of the place.

Add your brand or logo to the front panel of the cap by embroidery or by printing. The durability of this branded cap will ensure your branding will last a long time.

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Our promotional Ripstop Military Cap has one mission: to be your choice for your advertising. This simple but classic hat is ready to take your brand to the top.

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So if you’d like to place your order now, feel free to call our Fast Caps Customer Care team on 1300 008 300 or contact us to get a custom quote. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions about cap designs, order quantities, decoration types, embroidery counts or printing colours.


Product Specifications

  • Military style
  • Ripstop fabric
  • Velcro touch fastener

Additional Information