There probably is no better outdoor design that you can adapt to your promotional products than the camouflage. And for your next outdoor themed event, give your colleagues the perfect promotional giveaway; the custom Camo Caps. These caps celebrate the great outdoors with their camouflage design, and for your advertising, they can also be customised to have your logo or any corporate branding.

Additionally, the promotional camo caps come in different styles. We offer them in various types of crowns and they come in different styles of peaks.

Moreover, there is also a wide range of camouflage patterns that you can choose from as well. With a good variety of selections offered, there’s always a cap for everyone.

Furthremore, aside from looking all outdoorsy, the personalised Camo Caps are also well built for real rugged outdoor use. You can take them to activities like camping and hunting, and even to more demanding activities like military exercises. But if you just want to look all rugged while walking around town, the promotional Camo Caps will also do just fine.

Our customised Camo Caps are especially great if you’re making or sponsoring outdoor events. You can easily add your custom design to the Camo Cap. You can give the caps your corporate logo, or perhaps your guild’s emblem, and it’s ready to represent your group at your every event.

Camo Cap Styles Galore!

Make sure you check out the cool products under this category, like the Camo Curve Peak Snapback. Or if you’re looking for something that doesn’t cover the entire head, the promotional Camo Visor is a great choice.

If you’d like to learn more about branded Camo Caps or any of our other products, you can give us a call via our hotline, 1300 008 300, or you can also chat with us using our site’s live chat application right on this screen.