Check out our range of promotional plaid caps in our catalogue if you’re in need of a marketing tool that’s a real eye-catcher. Our branded plaid caps can be customised with your design of choice and is a fantastic medium to advertise your brand. Take them to your events or gift them to your clients and you’ll certainly make a huge impact with your branding.

If there’s an obvious thing that could be readily noticed with our personalised Plaid Caps is that they’re really a good-looking bunch. Each have been designed to attract attention without being too overly flamboyant.

But more than being eye-candy, our customised Plaid Caps are also highly functional and comfortable. They perfectly fit active lifestyles such as those who are into skateboarding, break-dancing, hiking, or simply anyone who just wants to have a cap that would make them look good while being out in the streets. We also guarantee that the materials we’ve used are highly durable and could withstand a good amount of wear and tear.

And for your promotional events, we suggest that you further customise these Plaid Caps with the design of your choice. You can incorporate your company colours, or maybe a design that’s specific to a certain occasion.

For examples do check out the branded Flat Peak Plaid Flex Caps and the custom Five Panel Plaid Racer Cap. You’ll also be happy to know that we always keep our pricing very favourable for modest budgets so you’ll always be a winner.

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