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Baseball Caps

Icarus Cap

SKU: FCA4062


With its intricate design, the Icarus Cap is a great alternative.

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Looking for the best advertisement setting for your company logo? OurIcarus Cap with Double Stripe would positively fit the bill. It features two embroidered stripes on the side panels stretching onto the cap’s peak. The two embroidered stripes fittingly look like wings as they carry your branding to new heights.

You have a wide range of color options with the Icarus Cap with Double Stripes. The color sequences to choose from include: Black/White/Red, Grey/White/Black, Navy/White/Gold and Navy/White/Grey. The first color from the sequence indicates the color of the crown and peak while the second and third color indicates the contrasting colors of the embroidery stripes.

You may also want to check out other popular promotional caps with embroidered stripes. We have the Embroidered Sports Cap or the Embroidered Strip Cap, both with stitched stripes on the brim extending a little to the side panels. We also have the Embroidered Peak Cap, with double stripes strategically placed on the center of the peak. In case you want other embroidery designs aside from stripes, we have many other embroidery styled branded caps from our baseball caps range.

Did you know that the art of embroidery has been around since the 3rd century BC or even earlier? A Chinese ritual garment with embroidery stitching was discovered from a tomb that dates back from the Zhou Dynasty era. The garment sample includes silk stitching in satin and chain techniques – stitching techniques that are still popularly applied in the modern world. Isn’t it amazing that the same embroidery methods endured and has been passed on for more than 2000 years?

The Icarus Cap with Double Stripe is made of brushed cotton fabric. Its crown is carefully formed with six panels, each panel topped with embroidered eyelets. The fitted cap also comes with a padded sweatband and a cotton strap with gunmetal buckle lock.

Take your marketing to new heights with our custom Icarus Cap. Its fluid lines make it an elegant backdrop for your designs and logos.

For an extra special touch, look no further than our Grand Marnier Truffles, and other delectable sweets in our promotional confectioneries lineup.

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Product Specifications

  • Heavy brushed cotton
  • Structured 6 panel design
  • Fabric strap with gunmetal buckle and tuck-in return
  • Embroidered eyelets
  • Pre-curved peak
  • Embroidery features on both sides and peak
  • Padded cotton sweatband

Additional Information