Customised biker wraps are a head wear that pays tribute to all bikers and bike fans alike.

We’ve always associated bikes with coolness. Bikes have become more than just vehicles to get you from point A to point B. Rather, they’ve become icons that embody a lifestyle and culture. The sound of their engines revving up is always pictured with guys in denims, black leather jacket, and helmets. Helmets are kept on while riding, but once they get off their bikes, it’s their custom head wraps that keep them looking cool.

Moreover, we’ve made sure that our custom biker wraps are worthy of the biker lifestyle. We understand the needs of bikers, so we’ve designed them accordingly.

Furthermore, do check out our custom neck gaiters that are made of materials that ensure comfort for the entire day.

Additionally, biking can mean riding for long hours, across cities, country sides, and shorelines. And our promotional biker wraps will make sure that bikers stay comfortable wearing helmets during the ride.

In addition, they’re designed for sweat management and to compliment any style of helmets.

You can customise the biker wraps by adding your custom design. You can add your bikers’ club logo, or maybe an event title for your next ride-for-a cause. Or if you’re a business that wants to sponsor a competition, put your product name on them.

You can check out the custom Biker Style Head Wrap as a promotional idea.

Finally, if you wish to learn more about our custom biker wraps call our Customer Happiness Team on 1300 008 300.

    • Customised Neck Gaiter
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      • Customised Neck Gaiter

      • $14.50 - $14.99 ex GST
      • PRICE DOES NOT INCLUDE DECORATIONWe have taken the latest global trend of Neck Gaiters one step further. The Customised Neck Gaiter can be 100% customised with your own logo and design in full colour in only 3-4 weeks. Min Order Qty is 30.
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