A very upscale and classy looking hat, our custom Fedoras will make a great compliment to any formal event. Use it on your next promotion where everyone is dressed up in their favourite suits. Have your company logo embroidered directly on the Fedoras and you’ll be impressing your attendees with your elegant looking headgear.

Our personalised Fedoras will make you miss the days when people listened to music through phonographs, and watching movies meant you’ll always had to read subtitles. It was back at the turn of the century that these iconic hats became so popular and almost always a necessary pair for your suit and tie. It’s a fashion trend that embodied the look of the perfect gentleman.

But the glorious charms that customised Fedoras brought in the past hasn’t faded away. Until now, Fedoras still retain that appeal which has crept well into modern fashion. If back then, Fedoras were a standard, these days, they represent edge. Pair them with any jeans and shirt and they become a great casual head dress. Or maybe wear them with your favourite shorts and thongs and let it accompany you to the beach.

Embroidered Fedoras would make the perfect giveaway to any of your events. Just customise them with your company logo or any design you want, and let these timeless hats make a statement for your brand.

Custom Fedora Hats, plus so many other choices

You should check out our branded Linen Fedora if you want to see one of the finest examples of this classic headwear. If you’re looking for other cool head turning products, you should also check out our line of personalised Aviator Hats.

Let us know if you need any help. Our friendly customer service staff will always be happy to lend their assistance. Just give us a call through our hotline, 1300 008 300. Or if you want to make use of our site’s live chat feature, simply hit that chat bar on your screen.

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