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Bucket Hats

Brushed Sports Twill Bucket Hat

SKU: FCA4223


Available in two sizes, the Brushed Sports Twill Bucket Hat is a great promo item.

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    The custom Brushed Sports Twill Bucket Hat is the ultimate promotional headwear for any kind of business. It is both sporty and fashionable. It can be worn in any sports events, company outdoor activities, sales conference or trade show event. It is also very handy as you can fold it and stuff it in your pocket or bag after use. When you need it again – just take it out, dust it off and it’s ready to use again.

    Did you know that bucket hats were already in existence more than a century ago? They were used in the 1900s by fishermen and farmers in Ireland. Fast forward to modern times and they are now worn by almost everybody from small children to military personnel and famous celebrities. They serve not just as sun and rain protection but as a fashion accessory.

    The promotional Brushed Sports Twill Bucket Hat is available in medium and large/extra-large sizes, but if you’re also looking for small-sized personalised twill bucket hats for children and infants – we have several products you can choose from. We have the branded Brushed Sports Twill Youth Bucket Hat, the customised Brushed Sports Twill Childs Bucket Hat and the embroidered Brushed Sports Twill Infants Bucket Hat.

    The other great thing about this customizable bucket hat is its wide range of colors. You can choose from more than twenty color combinations to match your corporate colors. We have single-color options like black, bottle, green, navy, pink, purple, red, royal, stone, white and yellow. Or two-color options featuring a contrasting color at the edge of the hat’s brim. Two-color options (main color/contrasting color) include black/white, black/red, black/gold, bottle/white, navy/sky, navy/gold, navy/red, navy/white, red/black, red/white, royal/white and white/navy.

    Once you’ve chosen your personalised hat’s colours, plan the design of your company logo that will be added to the hat. This design will be printed or embroidered to the hat, whichever method you prefer. If you choose embroidery, you can get an estimate of the stitch count using our Stitch Estimator Tool.

    Style has been revamped with the custom Brushed Sports Twill Bucket Hat. Your brand and bucket hats have never been more fashionable!

    Making an impression has never been easier with our custom Boiled Lollies Big Bucket. Check it out, and our confectionery lineup!

    Give us a ring at 1300 008 300 to place your order or raise any query. With a minimum order of just fifty pieces, we’ll have a customized Brushed Sports Twill Bucket Hat made for you.


    Product Specifications

    • Metal eyelets

    Product Sizes

    Medium/Large: 58cm
    Large/XLarge: 61cm

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