Canvas Cricket Hat

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Customise the promotional Canvas Cricket Hat with your sporting club emblem. Super low prices and bulk discounts.

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Product Sizes

Small (55cm)
Medium (57cm)
Large (59cm)
XLarge (61cm)

The custom Canvas Cricket Hat is a supreme promotional hat that could last for decades. It is available in natural color only and supplied in four different sizes starting from small (55 cm or 25 in), medium (57 cm or 26 in), large (59 cm or 27 in) to extra-large (61 cm or 28 in). It also has a wide, lined brim to extend sun protection not only to your head but to your eyes and face as well. Most importantly, it is made of sturdy canvas fabric.

Interestingly, did you know there’s a reason why canvas fabric is used for sails? It has a plain, tight weave and is very durable. Sails are exposed to extreme weather conditions including forceful winds and strong rains and thus need to be made of very durable material. Canvas is also used in tents and bags as well as paintings. A painting on canvas called “The Birth of Venus” painted by Sandro Boticelli in the late 15th century survived until modern times and is currently in the Uffizi Gallery in Italy. For that reason, with the branded Canvas Cricket Hat, your company logo will be custom printed like a masterpiece and survive so many hot days.

When it comes time to finesse your hat, have your logo or brand printed on the Canvas Cricket Hat and you get a low-cost but long-lasting custom made sun hat all rolled up in to one. This personalized hat will be worn at countless games of cricket, soccer and other outdoor sports. It will also be sported to open-air school events and company gatherings or even to casual walks in the park and family picnics. With such sturdy material and simple natural color, your company logo will be in the spotlight for a lengthy amount of time.

We also have another corporate hat made of canvas but available in four colors: the promotional Canvas Hat which you can buy in white, navy, bottle or natural color. Or if you need a more vibrant option with safety in mind, we have the customised Luminescent Safety Hat in yellow or orange colors.

Show off your brand on and off the field with our promotional Canvas Cricket Hat. This sporting classic is also suitable for more elegant events and occasions.

Need more elegant touches? Try our quality promotional Three Pack Solid Gift Box and other custom confectioneries.

Like the Canvas Cricket Hat, the branded Canvas Hat and the Luminescent Safety Hat both have expansive brims ensuring maximum coverage on your day out in the sun. Drop us a line and we’ll discuss your options or any questions you may have. You can reach us on 1300 008 300.

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