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Baseball Caps

Defender Vortech Cap



The custom printed Defender Vortech Cap is made from a fabric that repels water, keeping your dry on the wettest days. Embroider or print. Super low prices and bulk discounts.

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Our customised Defender Vortech Cap has an even more awesome protective function than just being to keep you sun safe. It is made out of water repelling fabric allowing wearers to still finish their job in any wet weather.

If your company’s services mostly involve field work, you can expect a more productive performance while keeping your team in tip top shape.

The invention of baseball caps was indeed a wonderful idea. So, if you are looking to buy with confidence, then this personalised baseball cap should definitely be on your short list.

And there’s more! Aside from it being waterproof, the custom Defender Vortech Cap is also designed to be breathable. This feature allows you to feel comfortable even during warm temperatures and stressful days where you are prone to perspiring. The micro porous coating helps keep the wearer’s head dry because it lets moisture in to vaporize and pass through the fabric faster.

We provide this baseball cap a range of colours – namely Black, White and Navy colours. It has a velcro closure at the back making it easier to adjust and fit any size and also an elastic ring pull adding uniqueness to its design.

By now, you might be thinking where you could put your company branding. You can use the front panel, the brim, the back or the side panels. Yes, everywhere is perfect for any embroidered or printed slogan or logos. You just need to imagine how it could be placed.

We also have another option which is a similar item – check out the Water Resistant Polynosic cap. Its features also allow you to feel comfy and safe in all sorts of weather.

Wet and wild weather? Never a problem, with our custom Defender Vortech Cap. This is an excellent way to make sure nothing rains on your brand’s parade!

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Now what are you waiting for? Decorate our customized Defender Vortech Cap and let everyone in your company feel important and at the same time enjoy its many purposes. Give us a call at 1300 008 300 for further inquiries. Let’s chat.


Product Colours

Black, White, Navy

Product Specifications

  • Incredible breathability
  • Pre-curved peak
  • Absorbent terry-towelling sweatband
  • Unstructured 6 panel design
  • Teflon® treated jacquard
  • Velcro strap with elastic ring pull
  • Microporous membrane

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