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Baseball Caps

Heavy Cotton Spandex Cap



Made to fit, the Heavy Cotton Spandex Cap features form fitting spandex sweatband.

  • Structured 6-panel
  • Elasticized sweatband
  • Covered rear


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Now, what is a promotional Heavy Cotton Spandex Cap? These are form-fitting caps that have spandex sweatbands. It sits comfortably and molds into the wearer’s head so even if they run, jump or dance, these caps won’t come off. It’s perfect if you want to wear it for long periods of time. These are so versatile, that it always remains a company’s top choice for custom fitted caps.

The branded Heavy Cotton Spandex Cap comes in 5 plain colours – black, navy, red, royal, and white – so be creative and imaginative because you have a blank canvas to work on! These custom printed caps are the perfect tool to showcase your company’s logo and branding. Whether you choose to have your logo digitally printed or embroidered, you are sure that your company’s brand will be the center of attention, the star, the limelight, and the main focal point. How’s that for a promotional product?

Contrary to popular belief, baseball caps are not just for sports. The caps you wear when going shopping, fishing, camping, strolling on the streets, doing sports, etc. are called baseball caps. And the ones gangsters wear sideways? Yes, they’re baseball caps too! These caps are now part of our culture and every day wear. Men, women, and even children wear them and most probably, everybody has at least one in their closet.

Because these caps are deeply ingrained in our culture and fashion, can you give a wild guess what a company’s best bet for a promotional item is? Custom baseball caps, of course! Place your logo on the front panel of these personalised caps and you have a walking advertisement. We literally have over a hundred designs of baseball caps, so we’re sure you can find the one that represents your company best.

Our custom Heavy Cotton Spandex Cap are the perfect giveaway for marketing on the go. Take your brand from day to night with this hat!

Bring the flavors of the sun into your advertising with our Warm Continent Pralines. Check also our lineup of promotional confectioneries!

Let’s get started on your corporate caps now, shall we? Call us on 1300 008 300 and we’ll walk you through each and every detail of your order.


Product Specifications

  • Structured 6-panel
  • Elasticized sweatband
  • Covered rear
  • Heavy cotton spandex
  • Fitted style – no strap

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