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License Cap



With the peak covered in a checkered flag design, the custom license Cap is a quality product. Nationwide shipping and every super low prices.

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So you’re thinking about marketing your company to your clients. Or maybe you’re planning a company event for your employees and you want to give them something that makes a statement about your organisation. For that, you’re going to need a promotional cap that will surely leave a memorable impact on your employees and clients. So with that in mind, we have the perfect promotional product for you! Have look at the custom License Cap.

The promotional License Cap is an astonishingly beautiful cap. With a six-panel structure design made from heavy cotton, it’s not hard to think why this promotional item has easily become an all time best seller. What gives the branded License Cap its edge is its design. It’s got a beautiful checkered pattern on the peak which is really sleek and attractive. Combined with great colour options – Black/Black and Red/Black, the decorated License Cap is a totally eye-catching piece of headgear.

It’s perfect for sporting events as you can use the colour choices for team assignments. This would greatly suit running and cycling activities, or any other athletic events you’re going to have. It’s also a great giveaway for any occasion. So send us your design and let’s have it placed on the cheap License Cap. Just let us know how you’d like it done. Designs can be either embroidered or printed. Both of these options give fantastic results.

The personalised License Cap is guaranteed to give you a very successful promotion. But what we also guarantee is that your promotion will also come light on the pocket. That’s right. The License Cap is all about quality combined with affordability.

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Give your brand a head start with our promotional License Cap! This unique hat is an eye-catching giveaway as well as a memorable token gift.

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Product Specifications

  • Structured 6-panel
  • PU peak – embossed checkers
  • Colours available for PU Nubuckpeak: Black, Navy
  • Heavy brushed cotton
  • Gunmetal tuck-in buckle

Additional Information