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How Important Is It To Keep Your Head Warm

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Keeping Your Head Warm

Before going out in cold weather, your parents always ask you to wear a hat or a beanie. It turns out that they were right and it is essential to keeping your head warm. Now, we learn the importance of keeping our heads warm.

Keeping your head warm

Why is Keeping Your Head Warm a Priority?

Head Warmth

When you wear a cap or hat during winter, it keeps your body heat in and your head dry. The type of hat, cap or beanie that works for you depends on your level of activity and the weather elements. You’ll sweat more when you are more active. Therefore, it’s best to use a hat that allows moisture to wick through it. If your activity levels are low then you will need a type of headwear that is warmer, such as a beanie. Even a cap with a heavier material will assist in keeping your head warm.

How Do Hats Help Us Stay Warm?

The simple answer is yes. Most of us have been told that we lose most of our heat through our head. However, that is not entirely correct. Heat loss through our heads is proportional, and current research shows that heat lost through your head can depend on a few factors. Here are a few:

  • Your activity level
  • How much hair you have
  • Your age – kids or adults

Additionally, you will lose heat from all areas of your body. In fact, any area exposed to a winter chill will lose body heat very quickly. Even if scientists were wrong about the level of heat being lost through your head, it is still extremely important to keep it covered with a hat or beanie to ensure you are keeping your head warm.

Types of Headwear to Keep Your Head Warm

You can choose from a variety of caps and hats. You can go for hats, knit caps, beanies, baseball caps, and many more. They give your head more layers of clothing while it is exposed to the elements. Choosing the right material is important. For example, Wool Beanies are a great choice for when you are active as it is soft, moisture wicking and odor-resistant. Headwear that is cotton can swiftly become wet from sweat and are not very quick to dry.

If you want to stay warm, it is essential for everyone that the clothes and headwear you wear fit you snugly. If it doesn’t fit you well, you are more prone to the so-called chimney effect. It is where the heat gets lost in the spaces between your skin and clothes.

Fun Fact

Humans have evolved in certain ways based on our surrounding environment and the requirement to adapt to it. Prior to humans evolving we actually had a great deal more hair on other parts of our bodies. This began to decrease over the years as humans learnt to keep warm in other ways. The hair on our heads provides humans with warmth during winter to keep your head warm, but also provides protection from the suns UV rays, and from minor injuries.

To Sum Up

At Fastcaps, we offer a wide array of caps that comes in various sizes. This is to ensure that there will be no gaps for heat to seep out.

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Lastly, your clothing is also important for keeping you warm. Take a look at our Puffer Jackets & Vests that can be branded with your logo for those outdoor winter events. Jump onto our Live Chat if you have any questions.