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Promotional Caps Can Be High-End

Promotional High-End Caps

Promotional caps are a great tool for boosting your brand’s awareness, but how do you make them look high-end? Branded headwear not only helps you stand out at events, but they are also available in various designs.

You may be thinking they are just cheap giveaway items. Nowadays, caps are more expensive and the quality has improved. Because of this, luxury brands like Prada, Burberry, and Valentino are all promoting minimalist headwear. So, we thought why not explore how our promotional caps can be as fashionable as designer ones.

Yes, these promotional caps can look as stylish as high-end and designer brands. Let us show you how to achieve that.

Promotional High-End Caps

Some tips to create High-End Promotional Caps:

Same Look for Less

There are some features of a designer product that you won’t be able to match. For example, luxury brands like Valentino have designers and quality standards that are highly exceptional. You can check out how they approach promotional headwear like beanies and caps. Learn from them and apply this when creating your logo and product.

Simple Logo Designs, Stylish Headwear Results

So, how can we make our custom beanies and promotional caps into something high-end and expensive?

  • Stick to one colour branding – Whether its a bright or subtle colour, you should use one colour in your logo or print. This adds a premium feel and look to your products. For example, Gucci, Prada, and others stick to one colour on their hats and beanies. Giving the products a sleek and luxury feel.
  • Less is more – There is a saying, “Simplicity is beauty”. This is true when you are creating your promotional caps. It’s better to have smaller logos on your caps rather than having a huge logo in front. Smaller logos draw your audience’s eye to look closer. However, if you need to convey a message you can opt to add small logos or text on either side like Adidas does.
  • Black is great, but be true to your branding – Black is often used by high-end and designer brands, but it is important to stick to your brand’s identity. This colour will not work for your brand if it doesn’t suit what you do. Especially, if your purpose is to grab attention and to stand out.

Experiment with branding methods for your Promotional High-End Caps

A standard way to decorate your caps is by using embroidery. If you want to achieve a high-end embroidery look try 3D. There are many other new design techniques you can try also. These are full-color sublimation, laser-etched leather labels, patches, and many more. These new techniques will help you elevate the quality of your headwear.

Promotional High-End Caps Decoration

Promotional High-End Caps with Fast Caps

With Fast Caps, you can achieve that designer feel in your promotional caps and beanies. We have a wide variety of headwear to choose from for your high-end product. Our Customer Happiness team will help you achieve the look that suits your brand. Let them know if there’s a particular feel that you want to achieve. They can also recommend decoration techniques, and products that will make your idea into reality.

At Fast Caps, we make your brand stand out just like designer brands!

Moreover, if you are looking for other promotional ideas such as Branded Backpacks we can even help you with these! Simply give our Customer Happiness team a call on 1300 008 300, and they will help you with a custom quote.