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The Ultimate Guide To Creating Your Custom Embroidered Headwear

Custom Embroidered Headwear

A concise, clear statement on your cap is the best accessory you can add to pull your overall look together. A sleek, simple cap adds character and a different level of coolness to your brand and business. We will show you the whole process of creating your custom embroidered headwear from start to finish. This includes selecting the type of cap and creating embroidery-friendly designs, the preparation of the embroidery file, and ordering a sample hat for you to try.

Selecting The Right Custom Embroidered Headwear

Not everyone can look good in wearing certain styles of hats or caps. However, you don’t have to worry about that anymore as there are many types of caps to choose from. Let’s take a look at some of the well-known types, and the reason why it could be the perfect one for you and your business.


Did you know that snapbacks are one of the most popular types of caps? If you are planning to add this to your wardrobe it will be worth it. So, what is a snapback? These are caps with some of these features:

  • an adjustable snap
  • five or six panels
  • and a flat, wide brim

This type of cap has a youth and urban culture feel to it. You should keep this in mind when creating your custom embroidered headwear.


Dad Hats

If your target market is not the young ones, you may consider the dad hat. These rounded brim caps give a lower profile to your designs. This cap is a crowd pleaser among different types of people. It’s one our the best sellers at Fast Caps.

Dad Hats

Trucker Caps

Trucker caps have a high dome, a flat or curved peak, and mesh panel. In the past, these caps were usually used as giveaways for different events due to their cost. However, their designs are quite varied these days, and since the 2000s these caps became part of mainstream fashion circles. Given the cost of the trucker caps, it could be a great choice when creating your custom embroidered headwear on a tight budget.

Trucker Caps

Bucket Hats

When everyone got tired of the baseball cap season, they shifted their interest to fishermen style hats. Yes, the bucket hat is known to be an accessory used by fishermen. But, now they are popularly used by models and celebrities all over the world. So, if your target market likes to try something new, this could be a great option to add your personalised and embroidered designs.

Custom Embroidered Headwear - Bucket Hats


For people who live in countries or areas with cold weather, beanies will be their best choice. They give comfort and style to everyone who wears them. Beanies give you comfort and warmth and are very easy to style. Moreover, beanies have become very fashionable all year round in recent years. You can work or play with your custom embroidered beanies through all seasons.

Custom Embroidered Caps - Beanies


Visors are very popular in the sporting community. These kinds of hats are frequently associated with outdoor activities like tennis, etc. These crown-less caps give your face protection from the sun and are also known for its functionality. Just keep in mind that if you are looking for full head protection from harmful UV rays, then this might not be the best option when creating your custom embroidered headwear.

Are you still having a hard time on which cap to select? In the end, it all goes down to your brand image, your preference, and what works best for your target market and design.

Custom Embroidered Headwear with Embroidery-Friendly Designs

How do you create a cool and bad-ass custom embroidered cap? One common mistake of most business owners is that they use one design for all of their merchandise. It may have worked well for their t-shirts, so they try to use it on their caps. However, it can be a huge mistake to depend on the design itself. Embroidery is different from direct-to-garment printing. It needs a different approach to achieve a triumphant design. We’d like to share with you some key features to consider when creating your custom embroidered headwear designs.

Go Minimalist

Using a minimalistic design can create a visible impact. Simple designs give tight lines and a nice finished look, and its very easy to embroider.

Take Limited Colours Into Account

As you create your embroidery designs, you should consider the number of thread colours you’ll choose. It will have a great impact on the look and feel of your cap. If you use many colours, make sure that they have large details. Making it easy to sew and visible. Additionally, there is a limit to how many thread colours you can add. If you choose to have a very colourful design, embroidery may not be a solid option for your branded headwear.

Select An Embroidery Type for your Custom Embroidered Headwear

When decorating your custom caps with your design, you can opt for 3 types of embroidery:

  • 3D puff embroidery
  • flat embroidery
  • partial 3D puff embroidery

When you see hats with raised embroidery threads, these are embroidered using 3D Puff embroidery. While flat embroidery is when the threads are laid flat on the hat. Partial 3D puff is when your hat is embroidered with a mix of both 3D puff embroidery and flat embroidery. Just keep in mind when planning your branded headwear that 3D embroidery may have a higher minimum order quantity and a longer lead time.

Customer Embroidered Headwear

Stick To Symmetry with Custom Embroidered Headwear

A good cap design has a good balance. Centering your design is a must. Remember, place your design on the middle bottom and extend it from there.

Dabble In Side Embroidery

For a polished and more retail look, you can add on the side a small brand logo or text. Ideally, you can add either your company initials or logo or anything else that fits the space. You can do it on one side or both sides of the cap. You may also opt for the side embroidery only without the front embroidery.

Remember About Digitisation

Before we start the embroidery process, our embroidery team will need to convert your artwork files. It needs to be in a format that is readable by embroidery machines. This process is known as digitization and included as a service when we provide you with a quote. You will be sent a sample of the embroidery after digitisation for your approval.

You may submit your files as a vector file preferably in these formats: PDF, EPS, AI formats, or high resolution JPG and PNG.

Custom Embroidered Headwear Decoration Area

The size of your design will be based on the available embroidery area of the headwear you select. Generally, we can embroider your design on our headwear up to around 100mm wide and 60mm high. Within these sizes your text must also be a minimum of 5mm in height to ensure it is legible. This is very important when creating your design for your custom embroidered headwear.

Quantity and Pricing

When placing an order for branded headwear it is important to consider the quantity required. If you are looking for cost efficiencies, you are better off ordering a higher number of products as the unit price will drop when increasing the quantity. This applies to all decoration methods. Why not consider adding some embroidered apparel such as vests? As long as you use the same design and embroidery type on multiple items you can take advantage of a lower unit price.

Requesting a quote or placing an order for Custom Embroidered Headwear

Now, that you know how to make your personalised embroidered caps, it will be easier for you to request a quote or place an order.

  1. Select a cap that suits your brand and your target audience. You have many kinds to choose from
  2. Make sure your designs are embroidery-friendly
  3. Ensure your artwork it is in the proper format
  4. Know your embroidery area and what size you would like your design, ensuring it fits within our maximum size
  5. Email all of these details to our Customer Happiness team for a quote at [email protected]. Alternatively, you can order online directly from our product page and attach your artwork

At Fast Caps, our team of experts will continue to assist you in making your ideas into reality. We look forward to working with you.