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Six Ways To Convert Your Promotional Caps To Brand Builders

Promotional caps are one of our best selling items every year. We know that most of them are only worn for a day or less. So, we will share with you six (6) ways to ensure continuous brand-building with these promotional caps. Our team can also assist you with this process.

#1 Buy Quality Custom Caps

Personalised caps are perfect marketing tools since they are practical and usable. This is true when the material and quality of the caps match their intended use. But, some caps can be useless due to poor quality.

It’s worth it to upgrade

By adding a little more to your budget, you can get a greater quality for your promotional caps. If branding is your goal, you’ll want your clients to associate your brand with value.

Remember, caps are tied to fashion, so they need to be attractive if you want clients to wear them in public.

Make them eye-catching to create a good impression that lasts. Your logo will be embroidered on these caps so it represents your brand.

Your hats and caps should be of great quality. A flimsy hat may cause inconvenience and discomfort to your clients. It may also create a negative impression.

Promotional caps can convert customers into ambassadors of your brand. Make sure you do it right!

#2 Find the “Cool” in Your Brand

Your promotional caps should always stand out. Your brand may have a hint of geekiness to it, but you can make it cool. Use catchphrases or slogan to create an impact.

Having your company’s name and logo is not enough. You have to be creative in promoting it.

Ask your self this question, “ Does your logo excite you?” If you have other caps in front of you would you wear yours if it’s not your brand?

Consider these specifications, when creating your embroidered caps:

  • Number of colours
  • Easy to read from a distance
  • Contains fine details
  • Identifiable at first look
  • Does it stand out from the rest
  • Do your branded caps look and feel gimmicky
  • How much space is required to fit your promotional content on the caps naturally

Always remember to think of how you can effectively get your message across your audience.

#3 Talk to your supplier

Having a supplier with years of knowledge and experience will be helpful. They can comment and recommend what will work for your customised caps.

They can also spot what elements of your brand can make your promotional caps unique and cool. At Fast Caps, our experts are more than excited to make your ideas come to life.

#4 Get Modern

What may have worked in the past, may not work now. So, you must be updated about the latest fashion trends.

Since you’re creating promotional caps, it must ride the latest trends.

Remember, trends change over time. And it is important to stay ahead by checking the latest products from your supplier.

#5 Don’t Forget Your Target Market

Always keep your target market in mind when developing your items. Conduct enough study and research on their likes and dislikes. This will help you in creating a product that appeals to them.

Customize your caps according to their preference – in terms of build quality, hat selection, message, and terms of design.

Ask yourself this question, “Will my target market wear these caps?”

#6 Exploring Branding Options

Embroidered caps are frequently used and they still look great. But, you should also explore more branding options. At Fast Caps, you can opt for badging, full-colour heat transfer, and a variety of embroidery styles.

Don’t be afraid to mix and match or try something new. A little bit of creativity creates wonders for your brand.

Aside from trying other branding options, you may also consider changing placement of your logo and text.

Promotional Caps

Don’t go straight with the front and centre

Nowadays, a lot of brands move away from the typical front centre logos on the caps. You can try branding on the right-front, bottom-left, the back, or even on the side.

By using applying these tips, you can truly bring out the best of your brand through these personalised promotional caps.