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Embroidered School Caps For Your Team or Group

Printed and embroidered caps are perfect for educational establishments such as schools, universities and colleges. Many of our clients have their custom-made caps embroidered or printed with their school logo, houses, and sports team names. We supply and allow different coloured caps  within one order, so you can have different colours of caps per house or team. We can also provide different cap designs if you want each year-group to have a unique design. At Fast Caps we have a wide collection of fun baseball caps. We also have cap designs that are more sophisticated which are perfect for those who prefer a more grown-up look.

Designing Your Caps

We can assist you with your logo and branded design for your embroidered school caps. Whether you want a sporty look, smart logo, or a fun design. There is no limit to what you can do and it’s really surprising how different the same cap can look when it is produced in various colour ways or when the embroidery is different.

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School Uniform Caps

A number of schools purchase printed or embroidered caps to distribute to each child as part of their school uniform or sports kit. These can also be used if you want to distinguish different teams and houses during sports events at schools. Branded school caps are gaining popularity since they offer protection from the sun. No one is too old or young to wear a printed or embroidered cap!

During the summer, schools often request the kids to bring their own cap everyday. Supplying branded school beanies, hats, or caps along with other items of uniform can simplify this process. It will make it simpler for parents or guardians. Printed and embroidered school caps also prevent children from bringing expensive caps to school.

School Team Caps

If you are looking for the perfect school team hat, embroidered caps are what you need. They are also a great accessory for school sports kits. When you have your team wear branded team caps it encourages them to have a real and positive team spirit. Using the school’s colour helps the kids to look and feel that they are associated with the team and school.

Embroidered University Caps

Embroidered school caps are very popular with colleges and universities. They are often used as giveaways for new enrolments. Students are encouraged and reassured when they feel that they are part of a group. Caps are great giveaways for anytime of the year and embroidered beanies can be given for colder months. Beanies are also perfect for school sport teams that play during colder months such as hockey, football, and rugby. Team beanies are a perfect addition to a team’s welcome kit and will be more appreciated during winter training sessions!

Cost-Effective Customised Caps

Our embroidered and printed school caps and beanies are very cost-effective, allowing you to add a mark-up. This can be considered as an easy way of generating funds for your club or school. This ensures parents that they can buy your customised caps at a reasonable price. Our customised hats and beanies are durable and high quality, making them ideal for regular use over a long period of time.

If you would like to know more about our school hats and beanies, check out our website or give us a call. Don’t forget we can also help you with all of your sportswear needs. We are your one stop shop!