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Top Headwear Styles for Personalisation

Nowadays, customised headwear has become one of the most well-known merchandise items. It’s no wonder that so many businesses are using these for their branding. Mainly because they are effective in boosting brand awareness, plus they are stylish and trendy. A product that is worn daily by many people must therefore be a branding powerhouse. Are you now thinking of getting one for your business? But the problem is you are not sure what is suitable for your brand? Let us help you pick the best headwear styles for personalisation. Here are some of the popular head wear styles and things you need to know before choosing.

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If you are sending out a young and trendy vibe to your customers, then snapbacks should be your thing. Snapbacks have a flat, wide brim, and an adjustable snap closure on the back. Hence, the name “snapback.” This is a great headwear style for personalisation because of its wide area. Allowing you to print or embroider bigger designs.

Dad Hats

Dad hats have a classic style with a rounded brim. It is one of the most popular styles because it’s perfect for all ages. So, if you want a wider audience Dad Hats are perfect. They are one of the best-selling headwear styles out there for personalisation.

Trucker Caps

Trucker caps have either a flat or curved peak and a high dome which is similar to a snapback. The only difference is that these caps have a mesh paneling. Many people choose this headwear style for personalisation as it is breathable with this mesh design. Trucker caps started as a promotional headwear giveaway item, but now they are also a fashion staple.

Headwear Styles for Personalisation blog

More Headwear Styles for Personalisation…

Bucket Hats

Buckets hats are formerly known as fisherman caps back in the day. Now, it has become a fashion staple especially in the years 2018, 2019 and beyond. What started as a fisherman accessory now became popular in the world of fashion. So, if you want a variety of hats, caps and visor styles in your collection, bucket hats are a stand-out and great addition for customisation.


Beanies can also be a great addition to your headwear merchandise, especially if you want to cater for multiple seasons. For example, if the headwear is an addition to your customised workwear uniforms you should choose a cap and a beanie. This style not only assures to keep your head warm, but they are also trendy and stylish for custom branding. Beanies can also be worn throughout the year, depending on their style.


Visors are previously known as a sports accessory for outdoor activities. But, now they have become entrenched as part of company merchandise because they’re noticeably lightweight, trendy and affordable. A classic headwear style that is popular for custom uniforms and teamwear.

To Sum Up Headwear Styles for Personalisation

In choosing the best head wear style for your custom logo and for your business, it all comes down to your preference. Following this will naturally be their intended use and your target market. The possibilities are endless.

If you need any help in deciding on or creating these designs, simply send us a an email or call us on 1300 008 300. Fast Caps offers various cap brands and styles that you can customise with your company’s artwork or logo.