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5 Tips How to Promote your brand with customized personalized hats?

Creating Personalised Hats For Your Brand

Creating a personalised hat is an investment. It’s not just about creating a custom design or logo. You must consider other aspects. Personalised hats can be a great tool for the promotion of your brand. Be it for employee uniforms or as a promotional item. 

Making personalised hats for your brand provides a twofold opportunity. Firstly, it’s a great reminder of your brand and one that’s highly visible. Secondly, the design is your chance to create a statement about your brand’s identity.

So, from embroidery choices, cap styles, designs, and packaging, we have listed down some tips for you.

Creating Personalised Hats (2)

Why is creating Personalised Hats a Great Way To Promote Your Brand?

If caps are part of your employee’s uniform for the office, an event, or a work site, it helps boost your brand’s awareness. To make it simple, personalised hats are right in people’s eye-line, and people notice them always. Plus, if it’s for a promotional item, it’s your chance to create widespread awareness of your brand. In many cases, a cap can become a daily staple for anyone’s wardrobe. You can make countless possible talking points regarding your merchandise and your brand.

Best Tips for Creating Personalised Hats 

What Kind of Embroidery is best for creating Personalised Hats?

There are two main types of embroidery for personalised hats. The first one is 3D puff embroidery. So, what it 3D puff embroidery? It is a raised three-dimensional style of embroidery. It works best with creating simple and big designs. Especially round-shaped letters. This is a perfect choice if you want to create a big, bright statement with your design.

The second is the most common kind which is flat embroidery, which is stitched straight into the cap. This gives you more freedom in the type of design you can use. In addition, it can be the ideal choice if you’re creating a more understated style for your personalised hats.

Choosing the Hat Style

There are many cap styles that you can choose from when it comes to creating personalised hats. You have baseball caps, trucker caps, buckets hats and sun hats to name a few. Each has its own advantages. 

Each style of hat shows a certain type of identity. It’s worth considering who your audience is and what is the most relevant choice. You also need to consider the kind of design you want to create with your embroidery. This is because some styles may not be suitable.

Lastly, another consideration when creating personalised hats should be whether or not it will fit in with your corporate uniform or event apparel.  

What Kind of Design is best when creating Personalised Hats?

A common error in making your personalised hats is using a design you’ve used in other promotional merch. You need to consider the design you want to add on your custom-made cap. The design you create should be suitable for the decoration type you select. For example, if you select embroidery you should avoid overly small and detailed designs. If printing is what you decide, take into consideration that the number of colours may affect the pricing.   

Custom Packaging

Caps and Hats are a big designer business. If you’re creating hats for your brand, you might consider investing in the packaging such as labels and tags. Packaging improves the perceived value and resale value of personalised hats. Additionally, it helps your caps become a collector’s item and builds your brand’s power.

Lesson Recap on Creating Personalised Caps

Personalised Caps can be complicated, but creating them doesn’t have to be. So, if you can imagine the design of your cap, you can place your order today. 

So, when you order with Fast Caps, our Customer Happiness team can help you achieve your personalised hats. Furthermore, we let you make and design a cap like no other, without bogging you down with the details.